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UCOL is located in the heart of the communities we operate in. The work we do goes beyond education on campus and what we deliver makes a genuine difference within our local communities and regions.

At UCOL we value collaboration, communication and working together to achieve mutual partnerships with like-minded businesses and brands. Affiliating with strategically aligned partners to create the best possible outcomes is paramount to UCOL. Through sponsorships of key activities or programmes, we can offer creative ideas and programme execution that aligns your brand to the work at UCOL.

UCOL supports a number of community initiatives and organisations via sponsorship. If you would like UCOL to consider supporting your event or project you can submit an application. The form can be found here.

UCOL Logo - Ako ā hapori

“It’s an incredible opportunity that UCOL is helping me achieve, and has taken so much pressure away. I feel very supported and lucky to have this chance.”-Shaz Dagg, New Zealand representative para-triathlete on UCOL's sponsorship of her Coast to Coast journey.