Quick credit ads with a questionable message

School time, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Ligo, Easter – although many holidays have already been monopolized by trade companies, egg mills or even drinks (as is the case with red and Santa), The outrageous advertising of quick lenders is causing outrage. There have been a number of legislative changes governing the principles of instant credit advertising, and the Consumer Protection Center has repeatedly evaluated the ad’s compliance with this law. Here are 5 quick credit ads that stand out or stand out with a rather dubious message.

” VIA SMS” September 1st promotion



The “VIA SMS” ad, which was broadcast before the school resumed, was the subject of much excitement. It depicts people in financial difficulties who are more than happy to opt for fast credit as if it solves their problems. It is played on the feelings of parents who feel unwell because they cannot provide the child with materials for school. The Minister for Welfare, Jessica Brown, once called the advertisement “immoral”. Currently (August 2014), VIA SMS is opting for a more modest advertisement – the new slogan is ‘extend your holidays’. In addition to the view: Latvian Social media story about this ad.

At this time, this lender’s homepage is open for raffle – all you have to do is send a photo of your old school bag and tell us what you would like to see in the new one. Then you can win the bag with everything you need. Although this ad does not play so much on emotion, in the end, one has to ask – what has to do with fast credit with school? And why is something as beautiful as the first day of school being made a pillar of gaining new clients?

“Bar Advertising”



Four friends sit in the bar. One owes one another, the other has not come because it is owed. The bartender, meanwhile, pours his friends a drink and tells them that he takes the SMS Thru better. Moral – Quick loans are easier to ask than friends. Difference? Your friend doesn’t have to pay a commission. It is the emotional message – show, ruined relationships between friends for money – that makes this ad so bleak.

Attract Friends Promotions (Different Sites)



For a good time, for example, SMSCredit.lv, Vivus.lv, OpenCredit and others offered to receive 5 to 10 lats for each friend you attract. It encouraged people to call their friends, relatives and anyone else for instant credit. The main problem with such advertisements, which are already banned (like free pizza), is that friends do not inform friends and relatives about the nature of the service and the risks involved. “Just sign in, okay? If anything, we split it in half. ”

Free… concert tickets, pizza, hockey tickets, cash back



Currently, the only type of shares allowed is interest-free loan. It is not allowed to attract people with concert tickets, pizzas and anything else unrelated to the fast credit service. A recent study says that 44% of borrowers extend their free credit, so the former offer of Fast Credit seemed very suspicious – giving back less than they borrowed (ie 95 dollars instead of 100). Of course, the main goal is profit, but knowing the statistics – immoral, there is no other word.